I’m a windows and asp.net kind of guy. I’ve used hosting companies for a long time. For the last 5 years or so I’ve been with 1and1. They were fine until I tried to do anything beyond the very basic. Their tech support is unbelievably bad. They answer the phone quickly enough, but you are obviously talking over VOIP to someone who is not a native English speaker who is reading from a script – very painful; and worse they are incompetent. However the domain prices are good and I have more than a few. I tried WebHost4Life for the last year, but they’re expensive for what you get. So now this blog is on GoDaddy which makes setting it up with WordPress incredibly easy. GoDaddy also has a lot more features than 1and1 like MySQL and SQL Server on the same account. I spoke to tech support who was obviously local and he knew his stuff; very nice. So I’ll keep the domains at 1and1 , but host my blog and web apps at GoDaddy for the time being.

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